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Based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. From the Backline is a weekly soccer podcast hosted by Mark Dailey and Jorge Mendoza.  The guys talk all things Whitecaps, MLS, leagues around the world and international football. Why do we do this? Because we love the Beautiful Game!


From The Backline is proud to be part of the Daily Hive Podcast Network. Mark, Jorge and Rituro spearhead Vancity Buzz's soccer coverage including the Vancouver Whitecaps, WFC2 and the Canadian National Teams. Vancity Buzz is the largest digital-only publication in Western Canada. Since 2008, Vancity Buzz has been reporting on news, lifestyle, business and sports. They offer Vancouver relevant and compelling content drive through their powerful social media channels, connecting Vancouverites with their city. 


Jorge Mendoza (Founder/Host/producer)

Jorge was born and grew up in Mexico so he has followed, consumed and lived soccer for three decades. He started playing at age 7 and, after a less than stellar number of goals scored as a forward, he found his true calling and settled into his position on the pitch as a central back where he has played for 18 years. Jorge follows football all around the world but has a particular passion for Club America of the Mexican League, Real Madrid in Europe and of course, the Vancouver Whitecaps. When Jorge is not at BC Place supporting the Whitecaps, playing soccer or podcasting for From the Backline, you can probably find him at the movie theatre with his incredibly patient and supporting wife Jessica. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, TV, ice cream and cookies.

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Mark started playing soccer at a young age and has spent the majority of his playing career playing at his favored right back position.  Mark's love for the Beautiful Game grew during the years he lived in Europe and was regularly able to attend matches in Holland and England.  In addition to supporting Whitecaps FC, Mark is a big fan of Manchester United FC and the Nederlandse Elftal.  When not soccering Mark can be found cycling, reading, gaming or spending time with his wife and kids.

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James observes the Whitecaps from afar and has begrudgingly learned to love 3am kick offs. He enjoys sharing his uncensored thoughts on MLS in the middle of the night on Twitter and when he calls in to the podcast. James serves as the site's editor-in-chief and he writes a regular column for From The Backline. He is also the founding member of the unofficial Octavio Rivero fan club and likes making references to The Wire whenever possible.

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RITURO (PODcast Designated Player)

A proud Vancouver Islander through and through, Rituro's passion for the game is matched only by his inability to play it. His shining moment of glory(?) constitutes a single game, wearing borrowed, oversized cleats, getting one horrendous shot off nowhere near the target and being subbed out before halftime due to injury. Thus, Rituro readily entered the realm of supporters and armchair managers, scarf held high and fists pounded into keyboard in frustration after losing a match to a bottom-table team in Football Manager. Again. Outside of soccer, Rituro is a broadcast industry veteran and life-long gamer - two talents he combines into live-streaming via Twitch.

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Chris Marsh (Associate Producer)

Chris started playing soccer at a young age encouraged by his slightly over-enthusiastic father. Chris had a falling out with football until recently, when he found enjoyment again from watching the sport played at a professional level. Chris recently got involved with his high school theatre performance group in the technical aspect of the production becoming one of the group's two sound engineers. He quickly climbed the ranks and now serves as the head sound engineer/designer for both his school's music and drama departments. Chris recently joined the FTBL crew as a producer and hopes to become a professional sound designer and producer in the future.

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Soren grew up in the small town of Pemberton British Columbia where his love of soccer began at a young age. After playing competitively throughout his life, Soren now finds himself as the starting left back for a VMSL Division 2 squad where his lack of touch and thirst for beer have made him a perfect fit. Soren got his start covering soccer at the University of British Columbia where he covered the Thunderbirds for the Ubyssey before moving on to cover WFC2 in their inaugural year for 24 News. In addition to religiously following soccer both overseas and in Vancouver, Soren has a passion for losing at FIFA16 as well as anything that allows him to avoid his academic responsibilities.

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Name origin

We decided to name our podcast "From the Backline"  because both of us are defenders on the pitch. More importantly, an old football adage says that the best view of the pitch is from the backline. 

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